Are you ready for some puppy fun?

Hello and welcome to Puppies on Hoddle Preschool!

Over four fun weeks weeks, we will give you our best tips and tricks for raising a happy and healthy puppy, while giving your puppy the opportunity to socialize and learn in a safe environment.

For puppy classes please bring

  • One hungry puppy on a secure lead (no choker chains please!)

  • A small container of favourite treats.  Liver treats are ideal, and of course we will have plenty on hand if you run out.

  • A maximum of two people per puppy per class.


Being on lead keeps our shy puppies from being bowled over by the more boisterous types. Puppies will learn to be calm on a lead and that being around other dogs does not always mean ‘play time’.   Having your puppy hungry means that they will be easily distracted and rewarded by our food treats when we need to get their attention.

Our Puppy Preschool program is based on modern, positive rewards based training methods. 

It is now well understood that confrontational and negative training methods, such as reprimanding verbally or physically,  provoke fear and anxiety which can escalate to aggression and biting.   


Raising our puppies  in a calm and happy environment, where the focus is on rewarding correct behaviour, while removing rewards for behaviour that is not appropriate is the aim. 

Follow this link if you would like to learn more about how theories of dominance and alpha male behaviour have been superseded by extensive research over time.

Class One

Learn about puppy preventative health care and we cover the essential topics of toilet training and chewing

Class Three

Lets do stay, recall, loose leash walking and body language!

Class Two

The all important topic of nutrition is covered as well as the basics of training with sit, down and look.

Class Four

Graduation! Here we wrap up the last four weeks and cover grooming, dental health, desexing and more.

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