Senior wellness plan for pets over eight

For you and I it is well recognised that a healthy lifestyle, combined with early identification and management of age associated problems is the best way to approach old age The same applies to our pets. Your doctor will recommend a checkup once a year once you reach the age of fifty. For our older pets the checks need to be more frequent, as they age more rapidly than us.


Our senior wellness plan works to identify health risks early. Once alerted to a problem we work to minimise its impact and delay its progression.  The cost is $295.00 and this represents a minimum saving of $75 (which means the six monthly revisit is essentially free).  This is done deliberately because we want you to come back with your pet every six months so that we can look after you both better.  

Does your older dog or cat  have pain?  Recognizing and managing pain in older pets is one of the essential aims of our seniors program.

What is included in the seniors program?

Six monthly checks with the vet.  

The cornerstone of the plan is a complete examination every six months. At each visit a careful assessment of your pet’s health and well-being is performed. General advice is given, and specific recommendations are made for you and your pet.
Annual Blood and urine testing. 

Early diagnosis improves outcomes for many age associated diseases. Blood and urine testing can identify problems well before we see any physical changes and so a complete blood count, biochemical profile and urinalysis are performed at the first visit each year.  For cats it is especially important to check their thyroid levels.

Blood pressure measurements where appropriate.

Cats more than dogs suffer high blood pressure and and so we include it in their seniors program.  

Unlimited nurse dental checks

Old teeth are brittle more easily broken. A broken tooth and exposed nerve
hurts, but dogs being dogs often don’t tell us about the pain, they just chew on the other side and perhaps seem a little down or grumpy compared to their normal selves. That’s why we include unlimited nurse dental health checks in our seniors program.  Our skilled nurses will check and grade your pet's dental health and help develop a maintenance plan to keep their mouth healthy.

10% off Dental Procedures

It is a fact that dental problems can only be properly investigated and managed in a cooperative patient. While we humans will sit cooperatively in the dentist's chair, for our pets this means a day procedure in hospital and a general anaesthetic. Our  hospital has state of the art facilities and our veterinarians are skilled pet dentists. Critically, once the mouth has been made healthy again a plan is made to keep it that way and follow up visits with the nurse evaluate its success.

Unlimited nail trims for dogs and cats. 

It is common for very elderly cats to neglect their grooming and this can result in the nails growing right around into their pads.  Regular trimming is needed.  For dogs who are not perhaps walking as far their nails can become long and uncomfortable.  That is why nail trimming is included in the seniors program.

Cats commonly develop kidney or thyroid problems as they age.  Thyroid disease in some cases can be completely cured. Kidney problems need to be managed with dietary change, which is not easy in a cat that is already unwell.  Early diagnosis is the key in both these conditions.  

Frequently asked questions

Are there other costs involved?
Medications, or vaccines, are charged separately as they are required.
Sometimes there are additional tests that can be performed during a
consultation. This might be an eye pressure test or a lump cytology. These tests are performed only if needed and charged separately.


When is vaccination done?
The annual vaccination can be incorporated into one of the two visits.


What happens if a problem is found?
If a problem is identified the vet will recommend a course of action. That
might be further testing, treatment, dietary change, medication or monitoring.

Heart  murmurs can be heard months or even years before symptoms of
heart failure occur.  Careful monitoring of the heart then enables us to know when it is best to start medication.  Starting medication before the symptoms of heart failure begin has been shown to able to significantly improve the quality of life of affected dogs.
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