Going Away for Christmas?

November 22, 2017


Are you going away during the Christmas period?  Do you have everything you need for your furry family member?  Here is a list things we recommend you check before you go away.

  • Food – If your animal is on a special diet it is worth checking you have enough before you go away.  If you run out while you are away, and are unable to get you pets regular food, an abrupt change of diet may cause diarrhoea.

  • Vaccinations - If you are traveling with your pet, or if your pet will be in a kennel you need to make sure your vaccines are up to date.  Kennels will require a vaccination certificate, so if you cannot find yours then we can organise a replacement.

  • Medications – Please order any medications you require well in advance of Christmas.  During the holiday season our delivery companies close down, and we may not be able to order more in a hurry if you run out.

  • Parasite products – different parts of Australia have different paraistes.  Of particular relevance if you are leaving Melbourne are the increased prevalence of parasites such as heartworm, mites and ticks in other areas.  Animals in kennels and catteries are at a higher risk of picking up fleas due to the large number of animals in a small area. If you are unsure what parasites your pet is likely to be exposed to while traveling, give us a call.

  • Microchip details – have you moved since you got your pet? Has your phone number changed? If you have not updated these details on your pet’s microchip registration, we recommend you do. If these details are not up to date and your pet goes missing, it may be hard for you to be reunited.

  • Details for the local vet- If you are taking your animal with you, we recommend you research the local vet in the area.  In the case of an emergency it will be much less stressful if you know where you can get veterinary attention before it is needed.










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